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The dissemination of the information contained on this Internet Spy site is totally legal. However, the usage of information for illegal use or illegal gains is just that - ILLEGAL. We have provided you information. Use it ethically AND legally. If you are not sure, check the laws where you live. And, please, do not violate or encroach upon the rights of others. And don't think you are completely anonymous on line. Almost nothing on line is truly private. That goes double when you use the office computer to access the internet. Employers can legally read e-mail sent to and from your corporate account. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 'the employer owns the e-mail system and is allowed to read it's contents. ALL messages from your terminal can be subject to monitoring by your employer. assumes no responsibility for the use of any information provided on this web site.

Web site administrators can gather surprising amounts of information about who you are and where you are from just by scanning the headers on packets that arrive from your machine. To see what they can learn, visit the Center For Democracy and Technology at: and click on the CDT Privacy Demonstration button. For one possible cure for this look at:


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